Why Are You Fearful Of Interviewing Customers After Key Engagements?

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Why Are You Fearful Of Interviewing Customers After Key Engagements?

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Quality Reviews Identify Competencies And Gaps After Important Customer Projects

The top 20% [of any size business] conduct Quality Reviews with their customers on a regular basis.  Quality Reviews are significantly more effective in learning and in strenghtening relationships than the traditional customer satisfaction survey. Company leaders that don't require quality reviews are either unaware of the benefits or are afraid to receive negative feedback.

Prove Total Customer Satisfaction by gaining approval for logical next steps, referrals, new ideas, and customer participation in authoring success stories.

Discover Uncontrollable Business Risks: Competition, technology, economic, social, regulatory.

Compare Internal Perspective Vs. External Reality: Interview The Customer, Partners And Your Team

  • Customer Experience
  • Products and Services report card.jpg
  • Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Easy To Do Business With
  • Customer Facing Processes and Touch Points
  • Channels
  • Complementary Partners
  • Communications

Your interviewer must be perceptive about things that are difficult or unclear so that you can gain a deep understanding and insight about your business.

By John Bernardi

John J. Bernardi
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