Why Creating Folders in Constant Contact Will Tell You the Real Story

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Why Creating Folders in Constant Contact Will Tell You the Real Story

You organize your files in your operating system with folders. You organize your email in folders. Did you know that you can use folders in Constant Contact for more than just organizing your campaigns?


Using folders will tell you the true story – the real scoop on the results. With marketing folks, it’s all about testing – which subject line worked better? Which call to action yielded the best results? We admit it, we’re crazy about testing.


So back to folders –


Let’s say that Walt the Widget Maker sends various types of email campaigns. Some are product focused and includes tips on creative uses for Widget. Some are staff focused and feature his team of expert Widgeters. (stay with me.) And some are simply holiday messages, wishing all of his fans a great Groundhog Day or National Ice Cream Day.


Walt wants to see his campaign results. He could simply look at his total list of Sent campaigns and view the open and click-through rates. But he wants to know if the type of message he sends out yields particular results. So he creates folders – all of his sent campaigns featuring product info goes here, the team messages go there, etc.


Now Walt can look at the results in a different way. Hmmm. It appears his product campaigns get an average 36% open rate but his team campaigns get a 25% open rate and the holiday messages get a 42% open rate. What should Walt do as a result of analyzing these numbers?


This is the kind of information that could (should) tweak your decision making. This is your audience telling you what they find more valuable. Track your results. Listen to your audience. Tweak your strategy. Reap the rewards.

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