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Why Twitter? Here are 27 reasons and then some #TwitterRocks

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Why Twitter? Here are 27 reasons and then some #TwitterRocks

What if I told you there is a place online where you can have access to the answers to your questions, where you can find out what your customers needs and wants are,where you can find guest bloggers and get advice from top influencers. A place where you can make connections and a place where you know about breaking news before all the major news sources do. What if I told you it was a one stop shop and oh yeah, it's free. Would you be interested? Guess what, that places really does exist and it's called Twitter. I get asked all the time from non twitter users "what's the point of twitter?" And "how can I use twitter for myself?" Well friends, here is a list of the top reasons I believe twitter rocks and how you can use it.

27 Reasons to use Twitter and then some..png


  1. Active and real time listening
  2. Get breaking news
  3. Share breaking news
  4. Be apart of a revolution
  5. Be seen as an expert
  6. Learn what your customers want
  7. Provide better customer service
  8. Foster on and offline relationships
  9. Connect with folks you would typically not have access to
  10. Get answers. Ask your followers or tweet to @answers
  11. Stay up to date with traffic, your favorite team, local news and weather alerts, celebrity
  12. gossip or basically everything you want to know
  13. Get great customer service
  14. Give great customer service
  15. Branding, marketing, pr
  16. Get connected and find what you need/want
  17. Speakers
  18. Guest bloggers
  19. People to interview
  21. Reviews
  22. Advice
  23. Find great content to read and share
  24. Learn from thought leaders and/or be a thought leader
  25. Be entertained
  26. See what’s trending with #hashtags
  27. Research

Now that you have some inspiration on why you need to be on Twitter or how you can use it, here are a couple if terms and common vocabulary you may find on Twitter.


DM (Direct Message): Private message can only be sent to people who are following you unless you have set your account up to allow anyone to send you a DM.

#FF (Follow Friday): Community-designated day to recommend Twitter users who are worth following.

Following: Follow other people and companies you’re interested in, their tweets will be posted in your incoming timeline on your twitter home page.

Follower: Conversely, people who are choosing for your updates to show up on their public timeline are your followers.

Hashtag (#): used to help categorize tweets, product launches, conferences/events

ReTweet (RT): Way of forwarding a tweet from a Twitter user you're following, giving credit where it's due. Just add RT and the original post’s user and context.

Search: Look for tweets about your company brands and products, partners and mentions of key terms in your sector. You may find them interesting, follow them. Only public profiles appear on the public timeline.

Trending Topics: Features the currently most-mentioned topics

Tweet: To update your Twitter status or a status message.

@Username: How other Twitter users can identify you and is attached to every update you send. Limited to 20 characters.


Now you know why you are on there. You know the basic lingo. Now let's talk strategy. Here are some initial steps you can take to find more success on Twitter:


Set a Plan: Are you going to use it for customer service purposes, promotions and coupons, behind the scenes, or a little bit of everything?

Customize: Be sure you set up your account to have a great headshot or logo and a header that helps strengthen your branding. Use keywords in your bio (you are allowed up to 160 characters in your bio) and consider a special Twitter landing page when people visit your website from Twitter.

Tweet Regularly: Posting links to interesting blogs, videos, photos also make for great tweets. Short on time but still want to be active? Try using a 3rd party app to schedule and help manage your Twitter account. I recommend or

Follow: Don’t just wait around for others to follow you. Follow people you may know or who you find interesting.

Engage: To truly be successful in any social networking platform you must learn to engage your followers. This means you should RT others, thank your followers when they tweet out your message, participate in #FF and overall join the conversation.

Go Public: making your Twitter account public will allow your tweets to be included in the public timeline. This way, more people can view your tweets and choose to follow you without having to approve every request.

Publicize: Be sure to add your twitter link to your website, blog, Facebook page and email signature. This way it will be easy for people to find you who you already connect with. You can also use services like to list your profile as well as look for interesting people to follow.


Go to to access some great buttons for your website and blog!


Want to learn more? Check out my upcoming webinars and classes at



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