Why you need good content and how to get it fast!

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Why you need good content and how to get it fast!

Strong content is key to success in online media. But sometimes identifying the types of content that will drive traffic can be difficult. Not to worry—we'll tell you exactly what you need (in three easy steps!) to create engaging content and how to maintain it so your business can thrive.

1) Identify Your "Good" Content: This is perhaps the trickiest to decipher but once you've figured it out strong content maintenance will be a breeze. A safe place to start is, of course, within your own industry. Your online presence is a great place to establish your business as an authority figure—a place for people to turn for up-to-date information on your industry. Creating original content that fits into your company's industry, personality, and appeals to your target market's interests and concerns is the best way to engage and attract current and potential followers.

2) Supplement: This is the curation step of the process—share other's content. This is a great way to establish relationships with companies both within and outside your industry to expand your audience as well as your content's reach. Curation also helps to further establish your brand as an industry authority since you're reporting on the industry as a whole instead of specifically your role within it.

3) Adopt New Strategies: While it may be tempting to use your online presence as a way to direct sell, refrain. The reason you have followers is because you're creating engaging content—not content designed to sell (which tends to turn readers away). Instead, adopt new, more online-appropriate strategies to foster the sell instead. A safe bet is to use these three suggestions: Suggest signing up for your newsletter, sharing your content on their social media platforms, and/or making a discounted purchase relevant to your content (ex/ If you share a blog article on clear skin tips and are a seller of anti-acne skincare, suggest a purchase by providing a discount on your anti-acne line at the end of the blog!).

With these tips, you'll be on your way to creating fantastic content that will allow your brand to get found online, demonstrate your value, interact with your followers and potential customers, and increase your SEO rankings. For even more content inspiration and tips, check out this list of the top ten Best Marketing Content books.


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