Word of Mouth Marketing - 7 Tips to Supercharge It

Word of Mouth Marketing - 7 Tips to Supercharge It

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7 Tips that Few Use to Supercharge Their Word of Mouth Marketing

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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You are extraordinary. Your products are great. Your business is great and the world needs to know. You need to let the world know, but how? Somehow you need to learn to talk about yourself, but without talking about yourself. I will help do just that. Let your customers talk about you. Enjoy this short post – 7 Proven Tips that Few Use to Supercharge their Word of Mouth Marketing.


Your Customers are Your Fans


Your satisfied clients and customers are your fan base. The know you, respect you and appreciate the product that you provide them. Companies of all types have huge fan bases, and you can have a fan base too. We all have friends who brag about their Starbucks addiction, their devotion to their iPhone, and their unwavering support of their local sports team. These are fans and fans can help you with your word of mouth marketing.


1) Video Testimonials


One of the most powerful things you can do is encourage and promote video testimonials. The big brands do this already with the celebrity endorsements in their commercials. You can do the same, just on a smaller level. Post video testimonials on YouTube. Have your loyal customers create short video testimonials about why they support you.


2) Yelp Reviews


Yelp is another great tool to get people talking about you. What is especially powerful is the fact that a good Yelp review has a story attached to it. A fan bragging about you is not just explaining about how you provided good service, but rather good service at an anniversary party, or a romantic dinner. This personalization is a strong and emotionally charged connector. If your target demographic uses Yelp, create an account and encourage people to share their stories in the reviews of your business.


3) LinkedIN Recommendations


If you are a more business-to-business focused enterprise, recommendations on LinkedIN are a key tool for your word of mouth marketing. LinkedIN makes it especially easy. Just find the ‘Request a recommendation’ drop-down menu and send a personalized message to a targeted client. Please do make this is a personal appeal. You do not want their recommendation to be cookie-cutter, so please do not make your request generic. Remind them of your professional relationship to get their ideas flowing.


4) Twitter Endorsements


Twitter endorsements are great too. These require little time and effort and have the potential to be seen by thousands of people depending on your client’s Twitter following and your presence. If you have a hashtag that promotes your products, please suggest that the hashtag be included in their endorsement tweet.


5) Facebook chatter


Facebook is an enormously powerful opportunity for word of mouth marketing. Ten years ago, somebody would make a call to a friend and ask for a referral. This conversation is still happening, but now it is happening in front on 100s of people in the Facebook-sphere. To really leverage this, make it easy for friends, clients, and customers to refer people to a business Facebook page. Seeing beautiful pictures of your puppy on your personal page is great but, if I am seeking a general contractor, I should really be sent to your Facebook business page.


6) Blog Social Shares


Blogging is also a great marketing tool. When you are sharing information, focus on your target market and their needs. If you are a marketing pitch machine in your posts, it will be quickly obvious to the world and your readership will plummet. Great blog posts are like jokes. They get shared. Make sure that your blog has social share tools enabled so that your readers can brag about you by sharing your blogs posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest or whatever social media powerhouse might be created in the future.


7) Client Pictures


Take pictures with our clients. Old restaurants do this, and they do it well. The walls are papered with photos of the chefs, and owners and their happy customers. Bars do this too. Sometimes there might be a bulletin board cluttered with pictures of customers just having fun in the bar. Encourage photos. Post photos in your business. Do it online too. Do your best to include your logo and business name in the photo and let the pictures impress future potential fans on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, just to name a few.


Need Help?

Do you see the value, but just need the right marketing partner to help you implement these ideas? Building Aspirations can help. Contact us today.

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