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WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

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WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

We love WordPress and so should you!  The reason why is pretty much the same as why we love Constant Contact - it is easy to use and an incredible tool to keep in touch with your customers - and find new ones!


The speed of business has changed since the days of AMC's Mad Men (the show about advertising agency folks back in the 60's).  Back then, folks could go out for 3 martini lunches because the speed of business was so slow.  They would get back from their lunch, pass off their hand written notes to their secretary that had to manually type out their proposals on 3 carbon copy sheets and use white out when they made a mistake.  When the proposal was finally ready to send out - they would package it up and give it to a guy that worked for a place called the Post Office.  And it would take weeks for the proposal to get to the potential client.  How long before you get concerned today when you haven't heard back from a potential client that you just emailed?  1 hour... 10 minutes... 10 seconds?


Enter WordPress.  In today's world of I need it yesterday, we don't have time to wait for some web guy to upload our pictures and videos - we all know how to do that now thanks to Facebook.  And in order to be found in Google searches or on Facebook - our websites and social media profiles need to be timely and relevant!  When using WordPress for your website you are in complete control of your content and can even post from your mobile device.  It doesn't get any more timely than that!


If you don't know about WordPress - check out the video below.  And if you need someone to walk you through the process - check out our new WordPress website that walks you through how to use it -


(view in My Videos)

Nick Cavarra
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Re: WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

Why doesn't Constant Contact have their own plugin for WordPress?  


Has Constant Contact ever surveyed their customer base to find out how many of their customers are using WordPress?


AWeber and MailChimp are very active in creating sign up forms (Newsletter Signup) that can be used with WordPress, so all the email sign ups go directly to their programs (AWeber and MailChimp).


It is difficult to understand why Constant Contact doesn't provide a "Newsletter Signup Form" and add all the email addresses to our Constant Contact account.


Please advise how we should handle this situation.




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Mt Shasta Design


Re: WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

Hi AndreeM1

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Constant Contact actually just listed two options for Wordpress plugin's in the Constant Contact Marketplace! Here's a link to the information page that includes links to both available plugin's. 


Do you think on one these will work for you?

Hannah M.
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Re: WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

Both those plugins look good.  There are a few others as well.  Just do a search when on WordPress for Constant Contact plugins and you will get a listing for those that have built custom solutions.  You can always use the native button from Constant Contact as well for sign ups.  Granted, it will take you to the Constant Contact interface off of your website, but if you use the open a new window link, it will still allow folks to sign up for your email list and not leave your website... Hope this helps!

Nick Cavarra
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Re: WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

@MOD That link is broken.

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Re: WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

Hi @Pestmaster1


Thanks for letting us know! The link we provided previously has been removed. You can view all the WordPress Plugins on the Marketplace here for now.


Thanks again for pointing this out!

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Re: WordPress - The DIY Solution for Your Website

Thanks for discussing these. I have enjoyed and gotten many things from this post. :smileyvery-happy: