Write Once, Recycle Twice: The Trifecta of Marketing

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Write Once, Recycle Twice: The Trifecta of Marketing

small business.jpgWhen business owners hear such advice as “content is king” they can’t imagine writing for hours to create all this wondrous material. The good news is that if you write once, you can recycle many times. After all, the folks who find you at one spot may not follow you elsewhere, so you’re increasing your chances of being discovered with minimal labor.


Do you have a website? (the correct answer is yes.) If so, does it have a blog page? (once again…) even if you have a site but no blog, getting your developer to add a blog page or doing it yourself on WordPress, etc, is not a major hassle.


Are you on LinkedIn? Of course you are!


And finally, do you have an email marketing account? C’mon, did I even need to ask that?


So here’s what you do – twice a month, you write a brief article – 3 to 6 paragraphs should do it. Teach them something new, give a few tidbits of advice, comment on a new development in your industry.


click me.pngPublish the first 2 paragraphs in your Constant Contact campaign. Publish the full article on your blog page. Now create a link in your email campaign to your blog post page with leader words like, “read the rest here”.  Go into your LinkedIn account and paste your full article there.


Now you've spent an hour or two, marketed 3 times, and have earned 5 bonus points:

  • Bonus #1 – you've just saved a ton of time in creating once and recycling twice.
  • Bonus #2 – you've created a link in your Constant Contact campaign to your blog page so you can track who clicked on that link.
  • Bonus #3 – you've sent readers to your website, where they might browse some more.
  • Bonus #4 – you've reminded your LinkedIn connections about your products/services.
  • Bonus #5 – you’re creating opportunities for engagement by asking for comments and opinions.

Now here’s 5 tips to make it all worthwhile:

  1. Write in a conversational tone of voice, no jargon please!
  2. Pepper your article with relevant and high quality images.
  3. Include links throughout your article to your website, your social media, etc.
  4. Add a SIMPLE and CLEAR call to action – have your readers TAKE 1 NEXT STEP.
  5. Ask your reader to share your article on social media.

Can you think of other ways to recycle your material? Let me know how you've re-used your blog articles and I'll include them in my next newsletter.


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