Year in Review: How Did Your Business Do?

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Year in Review: How Did Your Business Do?

Year in Review: How Did Your Business Do?Year in Review image.jpg


After celebrating the holidays and the beginning of a new year, I force myself to pause, take a breath and reflect on my business throughout 2015 before launching into the frenetic pace and new, exciting work of 2016.


Conducting a “year in review” can be an eye-opening, motivating and useful tool for any business, as well as a constructive way to refocus on your professional goals and mission – a purposeful look back before moving forward.


Forbes contributor, Chris Myers, writes, “The most important thing is to be intellectually honest and transparent as you reflect on your performance.” Here are some suggestions for beginning your business inventory, starting with the past year and looking forward:


Start with last year.

Did you set specific goals or make any business resolutions? How closely did you stick with your business plan in 2015? How closely did your goals align with your productivity? Refresh your business memory!


Measure Up.

If you set measurable goals, what does the data say? How many contacts opened your emails? How many new accounts did you close? What trends can you observe? Look at your professional numbers!


Celebrate your successes.

What was the highlight of your business year? What challenges did you overcome? What was your favorite client collaboration? Enjoy these victories!


Grow from your shortcomings.

What low points do you recall from 2015? What is the one thing you wish you would have done differently or better? Reflect and grow from these challenges!


Start Over

The great thing about a new year is that it allows you to begin again. A year in review gives you the tools – and the inspiration – to start with a blank slate for your business.


Please share some of your business goals, advice and achievements below!


Wishing you much success and all the best in the year ahead!


Cathy Ann Drury

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Re: Year in Review: How Did Your Business Do?

Fantastic way of analyzing our mistakes, but our success too. It is very important make a balance to improve our estrategies this year.


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Re: Year in Review: How Did Your Business Do?

Thanks Clinica Medicina Estetica!  Yes, it's important and so helpful to assess both successes and shortcomings as we head into a new business year!

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