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You Have to Ask

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You Have to Ask

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Are you shy? If you own a business you're going to have to over come that fear because in order to engage, you'll have to ask your customer's permission to stay in touch.


In "Engagement Marketing" you'll get the know how on keeping your business on the mind of your customers. The first step in that process is asking them to join you wherever you have a presence.


I was down Cape Cod for the Memorial Day weekend with my girlfriend when we decided to visit a shopping commons. As we walked from store to store, making purchases at some and browsing at others, I noticed something - Only one store that we visited and made a purchase at asked if we would like to join their mailing list. We had been in other stores that day and had made purchases but it was only this one store that asked to continue the relationship.


I'm not down the Cape all the time but next time I check my email and see something from this store, it will keep them fresh on my mind.


The other stores were great but less than a week later, I'm having trouble remembering their names.


The moral of the story is you have to ask. As long as you have an active presence wherever you decide to be, your audience will remember you.


But the first step is inviting your customers to the party.


How do you ask?




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