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You are a visionary

Participating Solution Provider

You are a visionary

Way back in 1994, Lotus Development Corporation, maker of the spreadsheet powerhouse Lotus 1-2-3 and the Lotus Notes groupware platform, featured a inspirational opening video for their keynote titled "You are a visionary". The message: You are the sum total of your experiences, so get all the input you can, and you can achieve anything...when you work together with others. [You can watch the video here, courtesy of the Lotus Museum]


I was reminded of this when I watched a more recent video of Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, talk about the long slow ramp of death that many of us small businesses suffer through. It was wonderful hearing her openly share some of the growth myths we all submit to. She was a visionary, and she talked a lot about how working together with other groups outside her organization enabled her to succeed.




There is a large partner ecosystem around Constant Contact now, and many of us are small businesses helping other small businesses to succeed. We each have our own experiences, our own specialties, and in forums like this one, we share. We share so others can work their way up that long slow ramp to achieve their own personal success.


So be a visionary, explore the community that has grown around Constant Contact, and see how working together can help us all to succeed beyond our own capabilities.


Mike Sullivan is the founder of Analytics Edge, providing simple Excel-based report automation products for individuals and small businesses.