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Your 5 Step Plan for a Social Content Strategy

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Your 5 Step Plan for a Social Content Strategy

typewriter.jpgContent is king. Content is king. If you hear this one more time you’re going to scream, right? Well, it’s overly repeated, but the point shouldn’t be lost on you. Content marketing is happening at full speed and you need to be in the game if you want eyeballs online. So, if you don’t have a social media content marketing strategy what are you going to do?


How about a simple 5-step plan to follow? No heavy data, no big charts, no grids to fill in. Just follow this simple plan to get started. And that’s the best thing you can do: Get started.



Your first step is Who.


Who will create the content that you’ll share? You? Someone who works for you? A professional writer? Or will it be a trusted resource and you’ll just procure it and share it?


Ideally the content will be yours since ultimately you want to house the content on your website. The big point of a content marketing strategy is to drive a steady stream of traffic to your website. Thus, even if you have to pay a professional writer to help you create your content that’s probably a better investment than sharing content created by someone else. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t intersperse great content with yours. That’s smart.


Your second step is What.


What will you be creating? A blog post? A video? A video blog? A podcast? Infographics? E-books? White papers? Photos? Slide decks? Content comes in all shapes and sizes these days and it’s really important that you think about what your content will look like. My best recommendation is to mix it up. Create as many types of content as you can to keep people guessing. Variety is the spice of a content marketing strategy. Just be sure to stay in line with your core strength whether it be sushi or sales training.


Your third step is When.


When are you going to share your content? Daily? Two times a week? Weekdays? Weekends? Think about when your audience is likely to be online and could process your content. After you’ve shared it initially you’ll certainly want to share it again and again over time. You can get a lot of mileage out of valuable content. That is if you take the time to make it really good. Always push yourself to make free content that helps people and passes the, “Would I share this test”. Don’t think that because it’s free it’s okay that it’s not that good.


Your fourth step is Where.


Where will your content reside? Where will it be shared? The perfect scenario is your blog, newsletter, then your social networks. Once you’ve gone to the effort to create that valuable content you should re-purpose it in to a newsletter article and a series of tweets or even short videos on YouTube. When it comes to the social network phase, think beyond the big three of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and think of SlideShare, Google+ and Pinterest. Even iTunes and Scribd. All of these places are generating serious traffic and are worth a look if you have the right content.


Your fifth step is Why.


Why does the world need your blog? Why does YouTube need yet another video? Why should anyone care about your content? Why is a tough question to ask yourself lest you get a little discouraged when you consider how much content is populating the internet daily. But, look at it this way, isn’t there always room at the top? It’s true that the world doesn’t need more lousy blog posts that are simply trying to stuff keywords and drive affiliate traffic, but there will always be people who have time to be educated by an expert on a subject that helps them save time, money or be more productive and successful.


My rule of thumb is this: Be a little uncomfortable with what you are sharing. Believe that you could actually sell this content to your target market and you’ll be on the right track. That’s what gets read and shared today.


I hope this simple process helps get you started with your content marketing strategy. Please let me know in the Comments what your thoughts are or share links to your great content of all shapes and sizes online. I’d love to see it.


Speak Well and Sell
New Member

Re: Your 5 Step Plan for a Social Content Strategy

Thanks for these reminders on content strategy. Social Media is an excellent resource when trying to market your business, but the content is what makes the sale.  I especially like the comments made with the fourth step Where - "you've gone through the effort to create that valuable content".  At Del-Air Security ( the Blog content is great information for our customers. Why not re-purpose this information through other sources of social media?  Excellent information.

Occasional Participant

Re: Your 5 Step Plan for a Social Content Strategy

Having a social media content strategy is very important to marketing your business. At Del-Air Electrical we try to use our blog to bring safety and electrical tips to our customers (  We also use Facebook and press releases regularly to get the important information out there.  Thanks for sharing these tips, we will consider them going forward.