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Your Small Business Needs to Do This Now!

Honored Contributor

Your Small Business Needs to Do This Now!

Over at, Ed Zitron, of gave us 5 things that you should be doing right now as a Small Business to help you out. You need to keep focus so use these tips to keep you going in the right direction! 


  • Be analytical - use tools like Followerwonk and Google Analytics. See if you can find any trends that can help
  • Have a Blog - This is huge! You really want to get your expertise out there and let others have the opportunity to share it with their community
  • Marketing Plan is Key - You know your clientelle, start a marketing plan to reach them. It doesn't have to be huge. But start somewhere
  • Use Social Media the right way - You need a Social Media presence. No you don't need to be everywhere. But be somewhere your customers are
  • Traditional Networking - Don't forget to network; attend conferences and networking events to meet new clients and people!


What helps you stay focused? What keeps you on track?


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