Your donors might be using LinkedIn, are you ready?


Your donors might be using LinkedIn, are you ready?

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LinkedIn tends to be used most frequently for hiring efforts by organizations.  Your donors might be using LinkedIn to find out more about your company and your employees.  In this article from, Marc Pitman discusses some ways to look at your LinkedIn profile from a donor’s perspective.  Here’s what he suggests:


  1. Google your Organizations Name, with “LinkedIn” at the end. (i.e. Constant Contact LinkedIn). 
    This will show you your representation online within LinkedIn, and will probably show employee accounts that have listed your organization as their current workplace.
  2. Review Leadership’s profiles.
    Take a look at the top people in your organization, the information that they have on their profile, does it align with your organization?  As Pitman puts it simple – “Do the profiles of your top leaders inspire trust?”
  3.  Look at Board Members & Volunteers

In LinkedIn you can add more than just your work experience, you can add Volunteer experience as well.  While you do not want to strong arm your volunteers into adding your organization to their profile, you can use this information to interact and learn more about your existing volunteer base. 


Pitman describes some other ways that you can use LinkedIn to research donor prospects as well, take a look to find out how. Have you already been checking your LinkedIn accounts?  Share any tips that you have here! 


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