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Your'e Better off with Dwiesel or Moonunit!

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Your'e Better off with Dwiesel or Moonunit!

Don’t Name The Dinosaurs!  -and Avoid Those Who Do!!

When the topic of my age ever came up, even remotely, my young son would always chime in, “my Dad is so old, you know, HE named the dinosaurs!”


4-7-2012 3-48-49 PM.png

Everyone knows someone that doesn’t need that XYZ new techno-thingy or modern tech-based tool because they, let me guess, “Don’t see how it works”? Or, they “know it’s just a fad”, or think “it will never take off”. My absolute favorite of all time is this one: “I don’t believe in XYZ”. Really? As though it’s a new religion or an alternate to Einstein’s theory of relativity something. I’m just waiting to find someone that “doesn’t believe in electricity” because I’ve got a 12-volt car battery I’d like them to stick their tongue on!


I had a relative (which shall remain nameless), who in the mid-1980s and for nearly twenty years after that did not “believe” in answering machines. Well let’s see, the first automated answering machine was invented and put into use by Valdemar Poulsen in 1898. Commercial devices were produced here in the U.S. by several individuals in the mid 1930s with more players getting involved in the 40s.  A U.S. patent (number 4,616,110 if you’d like to look it up), was issued for the first fully digital “modern” answering machine eliminating the need for cassettes in 1986.  I remember responding to my relative saying what’s not to believe? They do in fact exist! They’re advertised in magazines, newspapers everywhere, my friends have them, I have one and it works flawlessly! I just had to ask, “What exactly about the answering machine don’t you “believe””? There was an obvious disappointment on my face I’m certain as the only response I got was a pregnant pause followed by a stare, then a repeat of their statement preceded by an indignant “I Just.. .”.


Now, after a paradigm shift that you could time with a calendar they’ve reluctantly begun using an answering machine. But don’t ask them to talk about it! Maybe you can leave them a message?


It’s likely not a good idea to try to sell someone on mobile marketing if they have never even (and still would not), consider sending a text message with their phone. Same holds true for someone using gmail and is so very proud of themselves for their “marketing prowess” in sending mass text emails to everyone they can get an address for. You won't get fare discussing the metrics you get from modern email marketing and how to use them. You’ve just got to know where to best spend your time, it's all about prequalification!


Don’t ever argue with someone who’s so old societally that my son would claim with the certainty of a ten year old: “You named the dinosaurs!”


The lesson learned then and I’ve periodically had to learn again is, don’t attempt teach a new method of business growth to someone who’s obviously named a few dinosaurs! You’d do better with someone who named their dog Dwiesel or Moonunit!


Joseph A. Oricchio, Jr.