"Always Be Adding Value" Vs. "Always Be Closing"

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"Always Be Adding Value" Vs. "Always Be Closing"

"Always Be Adding Value" Beats "Always Be Closing" As The Mantra Of Top Sellers


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I Prefer To Buy From Someone Who Genuinely Wants To Add Value


Most sales people say that their goal is to add value, but for those whose "always be closing" actions speak louder, I doubt their sincerity. For example, during early stage meetings if they begin their presentation before really understanding my needs and what I want to accomplish, I sense a transactional sales rep. My antenna are now up. If they use price discounting as a closing tactic, they might not realize that their discount might pale in comparison to the overall benefit that I would derive from a value based solution. Also, if they don't stay in touch when I don't have an opportunity in their sales funnel I probably won't retain mind share about them and consider someone else next time a buying situation arises.


I get turned off when I feel that someone is always closing me to the next step in their sales process. This outdated sales technique, taught by their sales managers, is not an authentic trait. Instead, I'd prefer to be persuaded to the next logical step in understanding how they relate value to what they've learned about me and my company.


Today's buyers are not only smarter due to self-service research but also when it comes to spotting self-serving sales tactics. By the time these buyers have contacted your sales rep, they probably know more about your company and its industry than the rep does.


In summary, recruit and teach sales reps to "always be adding value".  Only when they reach this point will they have earned the right to ask for the order. This will earn you repeat business and referrals.


By John Bernardi

John J. Bernardi
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