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"Engaging Content is ONLY Limited by YOUR Imagination."

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"Engaging Content is ONLY Limited by YOUR Imagination."

Do you wonder if people running social initiatives have ever really thought about what they are posting on social sites and how their customers/members are supposed to engage with this information?  I mean REALLY thought about the posts – not one post at a time but rather over a week, a month, a year?  It’s clear some people have not!


What about your posts?


Are you always asking fans/followers to give you information or feedback? Do you talk at them or involve them in the conversation? What are they getting that no one else provides by following you or signing up for your content? How often are you focused on them versus you when you post?


In the Engagement Marketing book, Gail talks about 5 types of interesting, relevant and engaging content that can be used to vary your content and keep your followers engaged. She notes that “Creating engaging content is only limited by your imagination.”  She discusses the 5 content types simply, reminding the reader that it’s not all about them nor is it always about your business.  Sometimes, it can be just about F-U-N and showing that your business has a human side too.


I’d love to see a few examples of businesses or groups that are embracing some of Gail’s words of wisdom – sharing varied content across all their channels. 


Have you seen or done a really engaging post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or your Newsletter that worked really well? What type of content was it?

Rosalind Morville