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veteran employment project

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veteran employment project

Good afternoon,


I’ve been working on a project that has the potential to employ thousands of veterans through the distribution of food, beverage and clothing project.  With the veteran unemployment crisis being covered regularly on every news station, I believe I’ve found the answer our country is looking for.  This is how I’m going to start.


Wal-Mart is having a contest called Get On The Shelf.   The winner will be on reaching over 50 million people and get stocked in Wal-Mart stores.  The potential for the winner is unreal.  I’m using this contest to launch my idea about veteran food and beverage products.    This is the starting point for what I think could be one the biggest branding opportunities in history and all the proceeds go to veterans.


Here is the contest link


And here is my entry


Best Regards,


Eric Fitzsimons, CEO

I Employ Veterans

Office (480) 292-0203

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Re: veteran employment project

Hi Eric,


Thanks for sharing your project with us. I noticed you recently signed up with Constant Contact and was wondering if you signed up to help market your project or for your Company overall?


Would love to hear what you're doing!