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1st campaign - Health training for WIC participants


1st campaign - Health training for WIC participants

Hello creative people!


This is my first CC email and I would love any constructive criticism.   We do a lot of work with the WIC program (Women, Infants and Children).  This particular campaign is for our WIC health and nutrition education program for WIC clinics.  We are releasing a smartphone/tablet based system which is what I'm trying to emphesize here.  This will go to State and local WIC directors.


There is a spelling error in the title bar half way down that has been corrected.


Thanks for any feedback!  



Honored Contributor

Re: 1st campaign - Health training for WIC participants

Hi Ryan,


Thanks for sharing this with us! Since you only provided screenshots, I'm not sure if you have utilized our Social Media tools. Did you know that when you are setting up your subject line, from name, etc that there is an option to add Social Sharing? What that does is it allows your contacts to share your emails on their social networks. Therefore, it is making your email be seen by more people.  I would definitely add that if you haven't already.


I would also add the Webpage version which allows your contacts to view your email in their browser should they for some reason not be able to see it in their email client.


I can't wait to see what else you create with us!