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2011 the Year of Sleep

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2011 the Year of Sleep

Joseff Boyer
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Re: 2011 the Year of Sleep

I like the clarity. Your newsletter is very easy to read and has a great flow.


Now if only reading your email could put me to sleep! :smileyface:

Nice work.

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Re: 2011 the Year of Sleep

Nice looking email!

Our suggestion would be to make your header smaller.  It takes up too much space "above the fold"

We primarily do enewsletters for real estate agents that look more like this:


If you have any other questions. please let us know!

Chris and Tricia



The Prescott Group We Make You Look Good!
Chris Prescott 612-998-5674
Tricia Allenson 952-212-7598
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Re: 2011 the Year of Sleep

I like it! I agree header is way to big. Make sure you use high resolution pictures as they become pixelated when you enlarge them, they won't look in in ipad. Gotta go to sleep now.  Zzzzzzz

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Re: 2011 the Year of Sleep

I like the color choices (mostly) and the images that you selected. But I second the motion above that the banner image is waaaay too large. If it were the cover of a print magazine, it would look gorgeous, but I wonder how it looks in Gmail, where images are disabled by default, or in a small email window. You need to keep your main message as close to the top of the window as possible, and it needs to be compelling, to give people a reason to scroll down.


What is the main purpose of the email? Is it to sell the Kenko Naturest Mattress Topper? If so, there should be an obvious link to an ecommerce site. The link to the Sleep Foundation's content is informative, but it actually serves to take people away from your site and from your marketing message. Consider putting your external links lower, and give higher prior to links to your Web site.


I'd like to see more links to your main Web site. Also, ideally, the design and messaging of your newsletter and Web site would be stronger if they were thematically related to each other.


Finally, the link color in your TOC works well with the color scheme, but it doesn't work so well with the white background. Yellow text on a white background makes it difficult for some people (like me!) to read.


You have a lot of excellent content. Further improvements in your newsletter will lead to greater engagement with your constituency. I hope this has been helpful.


Jonathan Lehrer

Jonathan Lehrer Communications, Inc.