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Are we the best we can be?

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Are we the best we can be?

To view and critique our newsletter please click here: Reader responses to the 1st issue of our newsletter, "(First Mention)," were all we hoped for, but there's always room for improvement. We seek to inform our readers with timely and accurate information about "Govlish(r)," the language of government, and engage them with features like "Bureaucrats R Fun" and "AlphaSoup du Jour." We strive to be highly interactive and got lots of responses to our "How do you say. . .?" feature, which also adds value to our databases. Our goals are to build traffic, a sense of community, appeal to a newsletter sponsor, and, down the line, equity investors. Any suggestions for improvements to better serve our goals? Many thanks!

Re: Are we the best we can be?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for sharing your email. It looks great! The format is easy to follow along and the amount of content is just right.


A couple of suggestions:

  • Make all of your images clickable links. Do you have a website you could link to? If not, use the images to drive traffic where you want them to go. Do you want people to email you, make it an email link. People are most likely to click the images.
  • Use more links. Making images clickable is a good way to do this. Giving ways for your readers to interact is important.
  • Keep your font and text size consistent. I notice a couple of differences..for example, the title "AlphaSoup du Jour" is different than "Bureaucrats R Fun". Keeping these titles consistent will help readers find the info they are interested in.

Hope these help, let us know if you have any questions! 

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Are we the best we can be?

Many thanks, Hannah,


Good suggestions, and next issue we'll incorporate them. Not sure about linking to our Web site. Almost all of our contacts have already been there and signed in (thus giving permission!). When we start recruiting from other social media, this may be very effective, however. Appreciate your input!

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Re: Are we the best we can be?

Hi Robert!


I'm so glad that Hannah was able to give you some great advice. I agree about linking to your website because if a contact forwards your email to a friend, now you are directing that friend to your website. :smileyface:  Just a thought!