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Christian Non-profit newsletter

Occasional Participant

Christian Non-profit newsletter


Do you think my newsletter will peak folks interest? Anything that might help peak interest?

I am strictly amateur and a one man team. 

Thanks for your help,

Debbie Smith 


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Re: Christian Non-profit newsletter

You did a GREAT job...loved the photos and information.  It looked both professional and engaging.  It made me want to clink on the links to read more.  May I give some suggestions?  There was a problem with the text box "size" in one of the announcements.  The right side message box I think was too wide and it made the boxes on the left of it look cut off in certain areas.  I have found that if I preview it again and again...sometimes this still happens.  I guess the best way to make sure it looks exactly proportioned right is to email to yourself to preview. (I still do this).


Other than that...if you hadn't said you were new at this...I would have thought you were a seasoned Constant Contact user.  Again...GREAT JOB! 


From one Christian Non-Profit newsletter to another -


Shannon Akers

New Life Church

Cabot, AR

Occasional Participant

Re: Christian Non-profit newsletter

pique, not peak...