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Client Newsletter Feedback

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Client Newsletter Feedback

I send out a client newsletter every quarter and I am interested in feedback to make the ones I send in the future better!

The link is below, please let me know what you think.

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Re: Client Newsletter Feedback

I love the pictures, very nice

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Re: Client Newsletter Feedback

Liked the articles and the pictures; articles are well written, informative and easy to read. The pictures also work well; they add personality to the newsletter.


One thing I might suggest, and it's something I do, is to not include the whole article on the newsletter itself, but to include only the first two or three sentences and then link in the article document PDF.


So for example, the article from the CEO, include the picture, the first three lines,  then add in parenthesis (click here for the entire article). Use the word "here" as your button. If you do that to all of the articles, you can shorten the newsletter to basically one screen. Readers can see immediately everything in the newsletter.


Also, you will get statistics on which articles people are clicking on for more information. Gives you instant feedback on what's catching their attention.