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Could use some feedback

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Could use some feedback

Hey everyone. If you have a minute, can you take a look at this newsletter and offer some feedback? Thanks!


May 2011 Newsletter

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Re: Could use some feedback



I really liked how clear easy to read your newsletter is, I might suggest trying some additional colors to break up the articles?  Just a thought

I work for an improvement district here in KCK, Downtown Shareholders, I liked the newsletter and what all you are doing.

Would like to compare notes just to see if I can learn something new, or share something new.


Occasional Participant

Re: Could use some feedback

Hi Elan,


I really like the newsletter.  I especially like the collection of photos at top -it really suggests a vibrant community atmosphere.


One thing that could be done to improve it would be to shorten the intro paragraph by splitting it into two smaller paragraphs which makes it easier to see.  You could also add spaces in between the lines in this section for greater readability and impact.


I am very involved with the downtown core in my community too, and feel that it is the heart of our city! 



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Re: Could use some feedback

I agree that the lead article could be reworked to 2-3 paragraphs.  Some of the info is already included on the list and the date of the event should be covered in the headline, ie: Downtown Derby Week, 5/1-5/7, with the sub-heading as is. Then, you could have removed the date to the beginning of the article.

A friend in a news department said the "first paragraph should contain: who-what-when-where.  The paragraphs after that are why."  


Good colors, not too many.  Lots of good information given.  Overall, nice job.

Andi Johnson
Participating Solution Provider

Re: Could use some feedback

I agree with the other comments.

I would change the width of the logo in the top right hand corner to match the width of the right column - esthetics....


The only other major thing I noticed is there is no method to contact you/your company/city directly, only links to more information. People in general really like to know how to reach someone. In today's email industry, people do not always feel that by simply clicking reply their email will be answered as so many email campaigns are sent by unmonitored email accounts.

Very crisp and clean - a little wordy but very informative and provides a lot of tracking ability for you as the author.


Debi Katsmar



Debi Katsmar
PRowl Communications
2013-2018 Certified Solution Provider
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Re: Could use some feedback

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone!