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Creating Marketing Email Questions

Creating Marketing Email Questions

Constant Contact offers a weekly Creating Marketing Emails webinar every Wednesday at 4:00PM EST. Here are some of the questions from yesterday's webinar:


Should you include "Contact Us" on a email? Providing your contact information to your email recipients is a best practice I recommend. It implies you are willing to have a two-way conversation with your email recipients and enables you to receive valuable customer feedback.

When copying text from a Word document, how can I eliminate the coding that comes through with the text I'm pasting?By default, when you paste text into the Constant Contact editor, it will take the formatting from the source you are pasting from. To avoid copying that coding over from Microsoft Word, select the clipboard icon and will paste your text as plain text without any additional coding. If you have already pasted the text over with formatting, you can click “Clear Styles” and then “Entire Block.” This will remove all text formatting from the block

 Why should you include a text description for images? According to a Marketing Sherpa study, 60% of consumers and 90% of business email users view emails with images turned off by default. By including a text description of your image, you can let your audience know what should be filling that space and encourage them to click to view your images.


Thanks for all of the great questions! If you have more to add to my responses or more questions, feel free to hit reply .


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Occasional Contributor

Re: Creating Marketing Email Questions

You said there is a email marketing webinar every Wednesday. How can I register for it.

Mel MInami



Re: Creating Marketing Email Questions

Hello Mel!


Thanks for your interest in attending the Creating Marketing Emails webinar. You can click here to register for tomorrow's webinar at 4:00PM EST. You can view all the free webinars Constant Contact offers here.


If you have any further questions, please let me know!

Honored Contributor

Re: Creating Marketing Email Questions

Hi Mel and Katharine,


I also post the Weekly Webinars in our Constant Contact News board every Friday for the upcoming week.  You can view them by clicking here.