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Critique My Campaign, Thank You!

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Critique My Campaign, Thank You!

DealPoint Merrill Email Sample 6-25-13.jpg

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CTCT Employee

Re: Critique My Campaign, Thank You!

Hi! This is a great looking email. It's easy to read, it uses a combination of images and text, but neither is overwhelming. You'll want to make sure that the header image is a clickable link to your website if you haven't already, and perhaps choose a different color for your links to differentiate them from your section headers, but those are really the only suggetions I would have.

Jeff Gilson
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: Critique My Campaign, Thank You!

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate your kind words. I took the Constant Contact class in Nevada and enjoyed myself a lot. We had a good instructor, and although I am a graphic designer which does make it a tad easier, I was able to learn a lot with formatting the text and using Notepad rather than Word to copy my text from with no formatting issues.  


I have probably redone this email design a few times before getting rid of the extra (images) baggage that seemed to send it to spam. Less is more for sure! I do have several links going to various webpages and email addresses, so I got that covered too, and easier for the reader as well.


Again, Thanks for the Critique!



Danielle Watson CMD

The Merrill Group of Companies / DealPoint Merrill