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Critique My Missouri Table & Chair Newsletter, Please


Critique My Missouri Table & Chair Newsletter, Please

E-mailHi.  I'm looking for advice on our company e-mail.  It doesn't seem like we're getting as many customers to open it as I would like (about 25%).  BTW, is that percentage pretty good?  Anyway, I appreciate all your suggestions re layout, color, length of e-mail, etc.




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Re: Critique My Missouri Table & Chair Newsletter, Please


  • The header graphic is fuzzy.  Notice the header is not the full width of the template.  You can fill the background color of the company logo block with the same color as the image (#740F1F),  so it looks like it is a full 600 pixels wide.
  • The Quick Links are not being used to the full potential.    “Register Now” doesn’t make sense in this case.  Perhaps you can rename Quick Links to Products.  Then you can list the different products you sell, (Commercial chairs, Wholesale patio furniture, Commercial table tops, Restaurant booths, etc or Tables, Bases, Chairs, Stools, Outdoor, Booths, etc. ).  Then you can use the reporting to segment your list into categories by interest.
  • The grey background color does not complement your product, nor match your website.  I would change the main background color to white & perhaps change the body background color to grey.
  • Most of the text is bold, not everything is important.  Only bold the important information.
  • There isn’t a defined call to action.  Under the first article with the two chairs, you state “Limited Offer – Buy Now”, but how?  The image is not linked, nor is the words “ Buy Now”.  Linking the image & the words to the exact page on your website where they can buy the product will result in a customer getting the information they are looking for instead of losing the customer because they can’t find it from your homepage.
  • 25% open rate is a great open rate, above the industry standard for your industry.
Kim Doherty
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Re: Critique My Missouri Table & Chair Newsletter, Please


I agree with Kim on her points.

I would also include information on caring for the chairs/products etc. Consumers are generally looking for information and will respond better if there is a "Tip" or something useful besides asking them to buy.


Debi Katsmar
PRowl Communications
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Re: Critique My Missouri Table & Chair Newsletter, Please

Hi, Bill, a few thoughts for you...


It's not clear to me from your email whether you are a bricks-and-mortar retailer or an online seller. If you sell online -- and I'm sure this is not the advice you logged in to hear -- you might consider rebranding your company with a name that has a less local focus.


If you do business by phone, the number should be in your banner image; if you do a lot of business at your retail location, the address should be in the banner, and there should be a link somewhere to a map of your store's location. (Also include the hours that you're open.)


You would benefit by designing the newsletter to bring all the information higher up in the newsletter, to make it unnecessary to scroll down so much. How?


- Elinate the "Missouri Table & Chair Newsletter" heading. It's pretty obvious that this is your newsletter; that heading is unnecessary. If you feel you need some kind of heading, something like "April Showers Bring May Special Prices," or something else clever might get more readers involved.


- No need to take up a whole area for the date. Make the font smaller and include it with the body copy.


- Not really any need for the quick links and "This Month's Topic."


- All fonts can be much smaller. You probably don't need to go higher than 12pt with your font size. As has been noted already, no need to put everything in bold. No need to have two spaces after each period. This makes the text look too spacey.


In your heading "Call now..." please include the phone number. Otherwise, I have to search through the newsletter to find it. Where reference is made to "email us," please make it an active link to enhance response.


You make reference to the onset of spring in different parts of the country. Consider segmenting your list by state and staggering the schedule of emails to hit the prime buying season exactly right.


Back to branding, I'd like to see a different kind of positioning statement. "Quality Commercial Furniture Since 1978" is cool, because it gives me assurance that you've been in business long enough to give me confidence. But a slogan like "Best Prices East of the Rockies," or "Commercial Furniture with a Price-Match Guarantee" might be stronger.


I hope this is helpful.


Jonathan Lehrer

Jonathan Lehrer Communications, Inc.