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Critique My Newsletter

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Critique My Newsletter

Hello CC Community,


I would really appreciate any feedback you have to give on my campaign:


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Re: Critique My Newsletter



I am very impressed with your newsletter. It flows well and is easy to read. 

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Re: Critique My Newsletter

Beautiful job!

Very well done...check out mine when you get a chance.

Just started this campaign.



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Re: Critique My Newsletter

Hi Andrew -


I just realized this section is available in Constant Contact so came here to check it out (I do about 6 newsletters a month for a magazine sales rep firm (we sell advertising for a few different publishers).  Anyways, came across your need for a critique and thought I'd check it out.  My thought below...


Your newsletter is very eye appealing!  I like that there's a picture at the top - it pulled me in.  I think it's also great to see a picture of the person involved in the newsletter - you (and, might I add a very attractive picture : )   The colors in the newsletter are very soothing.  Nice font - easily read.  I like that you wrote a bit of an article and then there's the option the read the full article so there's not too much text but gives the reader a taste. 


A suggestion I have is perhaps adding a coupon for a discount at the bottom or somewhere within?  I wish we could use one but our campaign doesn't really lend itself to one (tried it but no takers).  This might be something worth checking out. 


It's really a great newsletter.   May I ask, for your business category, are you getting a good "open" rate?  What percentage of opens do you get?


Good luck with the business and the campaign.


Paula S.

Grayslake, IL