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Critique My Weekly Church Events Newsletter

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Critique My Weekly Church Events Newsletter


This Newsletter provides event information for select churches in the North Carolina community. I've been sending it out on a weekly basis. Need to figure out what things to change each week and what should remain constant. Also, is there another template that may be a better fit.


So many questions but mainly just need some feedback on how to better engage recipients.





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Re: Critique My Weekly Church Events Newsletter

Hi Evelyn,


I think overall your email looks very nice. I have a couple of suggestions.


I would move any and all social media buttons to the top 

I would also take the last few blocks in your left column and drag them so that they take up the full width and remove the empty space in the right column


Can't wait to see your next email! Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Critique My Weekly Church Events Newsletter

If you have a Software program like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw you could make a header which combines the name of the newsletter and photo so they are not so disjointed or you may want to consider leaving out that photo and just making the original logo larger to fit the space. The newsletter also seems to run really long. Can you edit some of the info or leave until next issue?