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Critique/Thoughts on Western Wear Store Newsletter

Occasional Contributor

Critique/Thoughts on Western Wear Store Newsletter

Howdy everyone,


I would love some feedback on our store's newsletter. I've been creating it for a few years, and would love som fresh thoughts. Please let me know what you think!


F.M. Light and Sons' January Newsletter


Thank you!


- Susanna

CTCT Employee

Re: Critique/Thoughts on Western Wear Store Newsletter

Hello Susanna, 


You have done a great job with your newsletter!  There are only a few things that I can think of to suggest: 


1.  Adding some text to the top part of the email might help to make it more recognizable if it is viewed in a preview pane.  In the first 600 pixels of your campaign, the only text is image descriptions, which will show before images are downloaded. 

2.  I would recommend copying your Social Media bar (which is awesome that you have added this) and adding it to the bottom of your email as well.

3. Maybe add an extra Forward to a Friend button in the email, to encourage your contacts to send it to their friends/colleagues.  



Hope this helps!  (P.S.. I loved the Quotes section in your newsletter!)

Occasional Contributor

Re: Critique/Thoughts on Western Wear Store Newsletter



Thank you so much for the feedback!


I loved all your suggestions. I completely overlooked the preview pane and images; I'll definitely add some text so that people will recognize us. Also, adding a social media bar to the bottom of the email and another forward to a friend button is an awesome idea. Thank you so much - it's so great to hear feedback! 


I'm glad you liked the quotes; that's my favorite section to include!


- Susanna