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Critique my B2B informational mail

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Critique my B2B informational mail

Hi All --


Please critique my mail:


I've been using Constant Contact for a few years as a consultant for various organizations.  This is only the second mail I've done for ITW TACC, a manufacturer of construction and contact adhesives. I plan on putting these types of mail out every month for the next year.  My subscriber list is very small, around 200 people.


This is a B2B informational mail.  Most of my audience is male, 35 - 75 years of age, median age of about 45.  Some are in purchasing, others are sales people for the products we sell to them.  Many have not been using e-mail for very long.   They are used to face to face communication, in "the field", on sales calls.  Some are not very good readers or writers.  My goal in sending out these mails is to increase knowledge of the types of products we offer and to drive traffic to our website.  Ultimately of course I am trying to drive sales.


Thanks in advance for your criticisms.






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Re: Critique my B2B informational mail

Hi Dan,


Thanks for sharing your email with us here in the Community!  I did read it and it was very informative, which I believe was one of your goals!  Just a couple of things I would recommend.


  • I would change the newsletter format to add branding. Right now it looks very much like a text email you would send in your Outlook.  I would add your Company Logo to the top.
  • I love how you are using the Social Share bar to allow your contacts to share on their Social Networks.  But where are you in the Social Media World?  If you're on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, put a button in there to allow them to follow you on there.
  • I didn't go into your account to check out your Social Stats, but if you're seeing more people sharing on Facebook, then I would recommend having a Facebook page for your business, etc.

Bob Barton of our Custom Services Team wrote a post last week titled "5 Steps to Improve Your Newsletter" in our Office Hours board. I would check that out to help you make it a little bit more eye-catching.


I hope that helped and thanks so much again for sharing!


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Re: Critique my B2B informational mail

Hi Dan - I agree with Marissa's assessment, especially the branding part. It might work to your advantage to give the newsletter a clever name to gain quick familiarity. How about, "Stuck on You." Just kidding.


In B2B, solution newsletters are well received. Since there may be a longer lead time in your industry, email newsletters help remind the recipient you are there when that need arises.


Let me know if I can be further help. You can also visit my blog for additional information.


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