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Critique my campaign!

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Critique my campaign!

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Re: Critique my campaign!

Hi @AvrilPHUMC

Thanks for posting, this email looks great! I do have a few small suggestions for you.


First, is the football/helmet image your logo? I would considering using a logo here and even aligning it to one side with the title on the other to maximize space here. I think you've got a great opportunity with the left column. I might make this a bit bigger and put some of the icons like social and join my mailing list here. This would allow the reader's eyes to scan the email and get the important content first. I think you've got the perfect amount of information in this email.


Make sure you're being consistent with fonts and colors. It looks like the font is all the same but you've used a few different colors for links. It would be helpful to make this flow with the rest of the email. Also, on the left you're "Click here to register" might get more traffic if you make the action the link., Try "Register Now!" as the clickable piece. Speaking of links, we recommend making all of your images clickable to something--even just your website!


One last suggestion would be to play with the colors you are using. My initial thought was that the yellow was too bright but it works well with the content colors you've chosen. I might try making the green background darker (closer to the grass color?).


Let me know if you need any help with this or if you would like me to implement some of the above suggestions for you to check out!


Thanks again for posting,


Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Critique my campaign!

Thanks Hannah.


The football helmet is not our logo.    Our sermon series changes every month and so I try to find a picture that reflects what our sermon is about - this week it is Grace in the Gridiron. 


I will watch my colors and fonts in future.    I usually try to match colors around the main photo.