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Critique my email, please!

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Re: Critique my email, please!

Hi Nick,


Thank you, too, for your feedback.  I appreciate your thoughts on the 3 fonts in the header.  I'm having that changed today as our hands were tied because we had to incorporate 2 different logos.  Our new logo is much less busy - so that's solved.


I like your idea of non-related information within the newsletter and I've done it many, many times throughout the years.  I always use a link to track interest and it's consistently little to none, so I rarely do it.  Sometimes I don't care and figure if just one person appreciates it, I'll be happy.


Thanks so much for taking the time to critique my work!


~~ Mark

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Re: Critique my email, please!

Hi Mark;


My website is and we do wevbsite design so I am going to tell you what I think would improve your email.  First, it is good to talk to your audience.  So, instead of saying we, say you.  When someone reads it, it feels like you are really talking to them.


Also, there are alot of long chunks of text.  Break them into shorter paragraphs.  Add video or pictures within all that text.  I see nice pictures in a strip on the right side, but put something amongst the text.  Otherwise it looks good. 


Hope this helps:



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Re: Critique my email, please!

Hi Angie,


GREAT advice, I can make those changes immediately.




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Re: Critique my email, please!

That's a great Idea...Is there an expert out there that likes to critique emails?

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Re: Critique my email, please!

any time!

Debi Katsmar
PRowl Communications
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