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Critique my first ever campaign please!?

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Critique my first ever campaign please!?

This is our very first campaign. We launched a new website in honor of our 30th year in business! We wanted to celebrate with our customers, so we are sending a $30 off coupon in honor of our anniversary and website launch. Please, can we get some feedback on content/design/anything?






CTCT Employee

Re: Critique my first ever campaign please!?

Hello @NatalieK01,


Thank you for coming to the Community! Congratulations on your 30th year in business! This email looks great. I like how you have your coupon in the middle of your newsletter, it makes it the main focal point. As for the rest of the email, its really easy to read, and the large button really stands out for your customers to view upcoming rentals. I would be sure your logo is linked to your website, so if anyone clicks it, they will be re-directed to your new updated website. If you have a contact email address, I would also suggest adding it into the email as well, so your customers are easily able to get in touch with you. I hope this helps!

Hayley L
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Re: Critique my first ever campaign please!?

Color content, format all great. The big 30% off is the most important thing on the email, it is waht your eye is drawn to and thats good because people love a coupon. I would only say ...perhaps, consider not being so wording about the new site. Instead of saying we improved optimization and (cant remember) say ...


We created ou new site with you in mind. What do you think? This, because people dont care that you did this and that and the other, but they may care that you thought of them and want feedback...Also people are just lazy, busy and put off by spam, (not saying your spam) so we dont want to read about details....straight to the coupon, maybe skim a message about a new improved site and then perhaps they click through. Another thing you may consider is to put the Coupon on the new site say CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE...and as a special thanks redeem a coupon on the front page for your next stay.  

Solution Provider

Re: Critique my first ever campaign please!?

Congratulatons on 30 years!


Your campaign looks nice. Great job!


Suggestion: You have 3 messages and these could be 3 shorter emails.

1. 30 years

2. revised site

3. Vacation

Recipients get lots of email and short and sweet is quick to read.

When we look at our inbox we decide based on

Who's it from

Does the subject line grab my interest

Will I read it now, later or never?

Nevers of course are deletes

Laters are of interest, but not urgent and often get buried and become nevers

Nows are urgent or short and sweet. 

Marketing emails for the most part not urgent, so short and sweet is the magic formula. I can read it and delete it.  


Build a reputation for short emails.

72% of people don't scroll down on most emails anyway. This is even more critical to know on a mobile device.


Idea: Have your coupon on your website and put a call to action button in your email that takes them to the coupon on your website. Now they experience your website and you can see in the reports who has clicked thru on your call to action button.


Wishing you continued success!


Pam Furlong, Owner

Tucson Marketing Tools