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Critique my promo email

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Critique my promo email

We run an indoor inflatble family fun center that is clean, green and fun. We send out weekely emails with open play/jump schedules and include promotions with them. Would like tog et soe feedback on the content and the style.

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Re: Critique my promo email

Hello @JumpingJungle , 


The information that you are sending out in your emails is great and you even have a weekly schedule set up!  It seems like the 2 column layout works perfectly for you, as you have laid out your information to make the most of the two-column template.  Here are some recommendations:  


    - There are a few different colors throughout the email (green, orange, red, blue).  If possible I would recommend sticking to just a couple of correlating colors.  You can also use our Insert Link to change your link colors to a different color than the default blue, take a look here for help.  

    - The text on the right side is larger than the text on the left.  The larger text could be harder to read on a mobile device.  I would recommend keeping consistency with font and size throughout the email if possible.  (Normally a font size of 10-12 works well on both desktop, tablet and mobile).      - There appears to be some extra spaces at the end of the right block, adding some extra length to the email.  I would recommend deleting that space out to help keep the email a little shorter.  


I hope this helps!  

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Re: Critique my promo email



I am a Master Certified Solution Provider, and I am going to provide you a brief Email Optimization Review (EOR). Every month, we provide members of our Solution Provider Partner Program a FREE EOR to increase Brand Awareness, Business Growth and Engagement!



  • Spelling errors (use spell check feature within CTCT Console just before scheduling the email to be sent)
  • Add personal feel to the newsletter, it feels like a poster, tell a story, and sign your name! Especially if you are asking them for a vote, which really should be mentioned in the Subject Line.
  • Summer Savings: make it a clickable (call to action) link to your website and clean up the message, way too wordy!


  • Include 2-3 clickable links in every paragraph - don't display the entire URL address, link the Text (i.e. Best of Best Ballot Entry)
  • Enable Social Sharing (click the box when editing 'header')
  • Enable the View Online Option (click the box when editing 'header')

Business Growth

  • Include 'Join Mailing List' button in case your email is shared
  • Design a Feature Ad within the newsletter to feature your campaign

Increase Results

  • Give your SUBJECT line more meaning, such as "Vote for Best of the Best and receive 50% off and $25 in coupons!" or "Save 50% off Open Jump + $25 coupons"
  • Link every image to your website to boost click through
  • Limit your newsletter to 2-3 main points, if you have more than separate the emails and change the content each week

Like I mentioned, above is a brief EOR but if you like you can book a call with me for a full FREE EOR consultation. Book a time at


Good luck on your next email marketing campaign!



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