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Critique our Facebook page

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Critique our Facebook page

Please take a look at our "running club" facebook page at and offer your honest feedback. Our goal is to attract new interest and new members.
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Re: Critique our Facebook page

I'd recommend making the picture in the top left bigger.  I believe you can go to 180x540

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Re: Critique our Facebook page

Looks nice, however I suggest trying an Iframe for them to land on...if you would like to see our I frame, check it out here:


Most developers know how to make one or if your interested in getting services from the guy that developed ours just let m me know, he works all over the world and through skype for meetings as well! Great guy!


~ Lisa

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Re: Critique our Facebook page

Thanks for your feedback. I am interested in getting an Iframe for our page.  Please put me in contact with your friend.

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Re: Critique our Facebook page

Hi -

We just launched our Social Campaigns product this week. You might want to compare that to the iframe approach?


This post will get you started:



Rosalind Morville
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Re: Critique our Facebook page



I would also consider adjusting your logo as currently it is hard to read the writing within it. Regarding a Facebook landing page, we had used an iFrame app before using the new Social Campaigns product from Constant Contact. We found Constant Contact's new product much easier to use and very flexible. (No coding skill required!) Check out our Facebook page to see an example of a larger logo on the left as well as the Social Campaigns product in action.


Happy Marketing!



Maureen Dudley
Dudley & Nunez Communications
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Re: Critique our Facebook page

I love the articles! They seem to be very informative! Looks like a great page!

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Re: Critique our Facebook page

I would also suggest increasing the size of your main image and developing a landing page that let's potential fans know exactly what your page is about and how they can benefit from joining your group.


I would like to see a bit more personality on your wall - it's nice to post links and share information, but I would want to "hear the voice" and see more of a presence of the Savannah Striders on the wall.