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Critique our newsletter


Critique our newsletter

Hello,  this is a newsletter that we send out 2x per month.


Please critique the colors and layout and any ideas on how to increase our click rate.  We are providing informaiton - they don't buy anything but we do encourage dues membership.


Let me know your thoughts as our next issue one goes out next Friday.

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Re: Critique our newsletter

Hi Tammy,


I really like the colors of your newsletter. To really make your article titles match your logo, I would take a look at downloading this free tool called ColorCop. With ColorCop, you can take their little pen and hover over the green in your logo and it will tell you the exact Hex Value and then you can use that in the article titles.


 I read somewhere, sorry that I can't remember where now, but that if you have 15-20 links in your newsletter you should have a higher clickthrough rate.  You have about that, so you should have a decent clickthrough rate.


Your newsletter seems a little long.  I would look into sending out a survey to your contacts asking them what they would like to learn about, see more of, see less of.  Then you can begin to segment them into other lists.  And maybe change how often you send to them.  If the newsletters are shorter, they won't mind receiving them a little more often.


Overall, I really like your newsletter!  I love how you have Social Media in it as well. I would maybe move Social Media links toward the top of your newsletter. 


I hope that helps!

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Re: Critique our newsletter

Tammy - I agree with Marissa. I just shortened my newsletter by using the rule of thirds. My rule of thirds comes from a photography lesson. Before taking a landscape picture I make sure not one object is dominating the scene. So I look through the viewfinder before I snap the picture to see if I complied.

For my newsletter, I defined my contacts into three groups.

Ask yourself, can you break down your information into three portions? What type of readers do I have and does each type prefer just a portion of my information? Can I link the information equally into specific portions?

Even if you determine more portions exist than three, it should make your readers appreciate the editing and actually read what they want.


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