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Critique our weekly newsletter, please!


Critique our weekly newsletter, please!

Hi everyone,


We're a tiny non-profit women's center. We offer ongoing programs, yoga, art classes, and one-time workshops. Our newsletter comes out weekly on Monday morning, and mostly just details the events happening during the coming week.


We've been using this design for the last 3 years, I believe, and I'm interested in an update.


I'd love to hear thoughts about design, organization, and/or content.


Thanks so much in advance!



Honored Contributor

Re: Critique our weekly newsletter, please!

Hi Leah,


Thanks for sharing your newsletter with us!


A couple of things I wanted to critique on:


  • Move your Facebook icon to the top so that everyone sees it when they open your newsletter. Some people never make it to the bottom *gasp* I know!
  • The header blocks you use are really nice in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and on the web...but they are background images and will not display in Outlook
  • For your events that you can register online for, make the title of the event and the image also clickable to the online registration
  • Under the information block, make the following items clickable


Other than that, your email looks great! Can't wait to see your next one!  


Re: Critique our weekly newsletter, please!

Thanks so much, Marissa! Those are all great suggestions, and we'll get started on implementing them. You're definitely right about the facebook link needing to be at the top. I know the header images don't show up in mail clients, so we try to duplicate the titles (more or less) in the text. But I will work on the images issue.

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Re: Critique our weekly newsletter, please!

You're welcome Wendy!  Happy to help! Can't wait to see your next newsletter! :smileyface:

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Re: Critique our weekly newsletter, please!

Hi Leah - I read the other critique and agree with those suggestions also wanted to point out that you can upload an image from your PDF or a great photo from a class, etc. and you can make that photo a link to a PDF.  Just make sure that you give a short instruction line below so readers know to click on the image to access the PDF file.  It gives you another image and sometimes less words.  Also, if you are looking for a new layout, you might try one with a left sidebar and on that side incorporate all your contact info, web address, social media links. People tend to read left to right so it will grab their attention if they are looking to get ahold of you and register for a class, etc.  Hope this helps!