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Environmental Education Non-Profit Weekly Email Critique?

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Environmental Education Non-Profit Weekly Email Critique?

The more critique the better! However, we have to use the yellow/blue color scheme to match our website ( ) We are a small non-profit and don't have the time or money to put a significant amount of graphic design time on this newsletter. MANY thanks!


Ps. we'd really like to get more traffic through all of our social media outlets as well! Most importantly though, we need people to read and SEE what the upcoming programs are, because there are SO many. We considered breaking it up into 2 emails per week... Again, thank you!

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Re: Environmental Education Non-Profit Weekly Email Critique?

HI Enrico,


Thanks so much for sharing your newsletter! I have a couple recommendations.


  • I would make the whole background of the email to match the blue from your website
  • Move the Join My Mailing List about halfway up the right pane
  • I would take the last article on the right and drag it over so that it fills the entire width of the email
  • I really like the Seatuck image on your website, especially since it already has that blue background.  The white background logo at the top sort of looks like it doesn't blend well
  • I would move the Social Media icons into the right side bar.

Overall, I love your newsletter but I think these minor changes could make a huge impact on it!


Let me know if you have any questions!  Happy E-Mailing!