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Feedback on my latest "awareness" email

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Feedback on my latest "awareness" email

This is my latest email to raise awareness of my Color and B&W print services to my customers who have already purchased at least one print job from my shop.


Constructive criticism welcome.


Re: Feedback on my latest "awareness" email

Too many colors and different sized font. Doesn't look professional. Lose the clipart. 

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Re: Feedback on my latest "awareness" email

The "short & sweet" appeal is good!

The images have been deleted so I don't see them. It appears your email address in incorrect as it doesn't contain an "@" symbol and it should be in all lower case, not an assortment of case.

I would also recommend standardizing or limiting font colors & styles as to "streamline & professionalize" the piece.

I was also a bit confused on the relevance of the lenthy video.

Hope I'm not a total Debbie Downer!




Re: Feedback on my latest "awareness" email

Perhaps consider offering a coupon? or sample pricing?

I'm in Arlington, VA and I run a nonprofit - I'd be interested to hear more of why someone would choose you...and a coupon or deal is always a good start!