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Feel free to crtique my campaign

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Feel free to crtique my campaign

CTCT Employee

Re: Feel free to crtique my campaign

Thank you for sharing your lovely campaign with us today! 


I have a few suggestions to improve it a bit: 


  • Link your logo to your webpage - here are the instructions that way customers can find out more information from your webpage if they like your newsletter


  • Next, perhaps a few more small photos to pull the eye to all parts of the newsletter and make it a bit more balanced and engaging.


  • Then, there is a typo in the last paragraph About Us: "sattelite". Should address that before going forward.


  • You may also want to include some related links to your webpage or articles and testimonies you may have there going forward. Clicks are trackable and that way you can gage your customers engagement in your campaigns. 


I hope you find that feedback helpful! 

Thanks so much for coming here for the feedback! 





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Re: Feel free to crtique my campaign

I like this.  I sell cranes used inside factories so I found your approach to be concise and to the point.  Industrial users and contractors don't waste time and I think you got it right.