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First Newsletter

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First Newsletter

Never having done this before would very much like your opinion. Email is  Archive Test for Halloween Give Away.Halloween Give Away



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Re: First Newsletter

Hi Sally,

Thanks for sharing--this looks great! I love the colors you have chosen and how you've included (and incorporated) your logo at the top. It really makes the email feel complete.


Couple of small suggestions for you. Make sure all of your fonts are the same. It makes scanning through the email and reading easier for the recipient. Also, I would consider making the font of your articles un-bold so the titles stand out more. I think lessening the padding on these would help too--an idea would be to separate each article by some kind of divider line. 


The information in the left column is a nice addition to the text on the right. Have you considered using a Halloween image as well as the "Giveaway" text? This might help drive people to click here! Awesome job included social media icons--they might get more action at the top of the email but this is something we would suggest testing out. Your mascot is very cute too :smileyface:


Hope this helps. You have absolutely gotten the hang of emails quickly! Please let us know if you would like help with anything!





Hannah M.
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Re: First Newsletter

Congratulations on your first newsletter.

Have you chosen that font for a specific reason? 

I realise that as an Author you probably see and use serif fonts in books all the time.


From a legibility perspective:

Do you feel sans serif fonts may be easier on the eye when viewed on a screen?

Do you feel rather than black, a darker GREY would also be easier on the eye.

From my experience designing emails and in the past, online sales letters, getting people to read through all of your content depends on how "easy" it is for the eye to scan as Hannah_M mentioned.


Your Halloween promo is very prominent against the blue, is this the main call to action of your newsletter? This is the most visually drawing element in the email and if it's that important for users to click on, maybe use it twice through out the email?

Possibly make the 99cents store your main CTA in order to better monetize your newsletter? Apologies if you don't want to monetize at all, that's just my mental money programming at work 😕


Just a few thoughts but overall I'd be happy to receive this in my inbox, nice job :smileyface: