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Hard to make a cabinet company look sexy?

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Hard to make a cabinet company look sexy?

Here's a screenshot of our more recent email campiagn. We are an uber high-end custom cabinet production facility and we send out bi-weekly emails featuring our newest, most impressive project.


Any input regarding any aspect of our e-ads would be greatly appriciated.




Tocci e-mail.jpg

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Re: Hard to make a cabinet company look sexy?

I like the layout of the images depicting your cabinets. The top portion of your email (Title and description) wouldn't really intrigue me to read further in your email. I would jazz the top up some - maybe with a banner across the top that asks your readers "Can you Imagine Your Bath Like this?" or something to that effect.

I would also create a hints and tips column in your campaigns giving readers suggestions on what to do with the space under the stairs, or the closet that isn't used - a corner area that cannot accommodate much in the way of cabinetry. Readers want information - especially in an industry such as yours - once you have sold your custom cabinets, in many cases, that same customer will not need your services for some time. You might also want to create a referral program and/or a suggest to readers to send a photo of their existing room for suggestions of what could be done with it with the use of cabinets - telling readers you will feature one per email.

This will create some interaction in your campaigns and get readers to 'forward to a friend', and look forward to receiving your emails instead of just receiving pictures of your completed projects.



Debi Katsmar
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Re: Hard to make a cabinet company look sexy?

Those cabinets are sexier than you might think. That said, i would not show my full hand in the email campaign. Give them a "nugget" or glimpse to hook and then have them click through to the site to see the rest of the images.


Holding back on the images, making them smaller and including fewer are the three suggestions I would have. This should increase your click through rate.


Try leading off with the images (maybe three in a row of varying products) and have the text accompany the images. Then it becomes more of a story rather than the text above, the images below ... more of a tie in.


HOpe this is helpful.


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Re: Hard to make a cabinet company look sexy?

1. In my opinion the type face doesn't work and the gutters on both sides are too wide.


2. Consider a larger more elaborate font and the use of bullets for the main points.

The photos will do more work that any text can in your example.


3. Consider what it looks like with graphics disabled ( the standard default for more folks)


4. You also have no obvious call to action.   That's a huge miss.   

Create a compelling reason to follow up. 


"Call for a FREE consultant visit"  etc..... 


Don't over send.  Bi-weekly seems a bit much for that product offering. 

If you statistics don't show a drop off then disregard my comment. :smileywink:

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Re: Hard to make a cabinet company look sexy?



I would offer some practical tips and advice on how and why to select a certain type of cabinet (matte finish, high gloss, etc...) What are the pros and cons of each type of finish?


I remember when I was doing my first kitchen in my first apartment, the carpenter and I talked at length about what the good points and bad points were for different types of cabinets.  His advice to me at the time on this and other features of my kitchen was invaluable and six years on, I still love my kitchen and wouldn't change anything about it.  


  •  High gloss - scratches and sometimes dirt can be seen more easily, therefore, probably not as suitable for those who have pets and/or children
  •  Colour - why certain colours might work better is certain envrionments rather than others

These and many other practical tips are invaluable for those who have never embarked on a huge project like designing their own kitchen, bathroom, etc...  They are making a big investment and they want to make sure their decisions are correct.  Being a sounding board for your clients and offering them advice, tips, and pointers is a great way to get recommended to their friends, colleagues, family members, etc....


Lastly, I think that a bi-weekly mailing is too frequent.


Good Luck!!!