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Hi! Critique my campaign


Hi! Critique my campaign

Hi! Thank for you time. I hope your comment :smileyface: all the campaign is in Spanish because is my language. ¡Good Day!

CTCT Employee

Re: Hi! Critique my campaign

Hello @DiseoG


Here are a couple of recommendations for your campaign: 


  • Add text. Currently the majority of the campaign is made up of images.  This could harm the sending of your email, and cause it to go to a Spam folder or be filtered out of the inbox.  By adding more text you can help to combat this.  It is recommended to have some text towards the top of your email, so that when your audience opens the email they can see some content if images are blocked
  • Image description or Alt Text.  If you are using multiple images, especially towards the top of the campaign, make sure to add in the Image Descriptions for each image.  This will be seen before someone downloads images.  
  • Length. The campaign content does seem a little long. Shortening the length of the campaign might be helpful. 


I hope that these recommendations are helpful!