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Hi I desperately need advertisers please help

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Hi I desperately need advertisers please help

Hi Everyone - well I started a small e-magazine for about 100 tasmanian based wildlife carers and within the 3rd issue I have reached over 50,000 downloads (downloading or viewing online is free)

The problem is I now owe money to my graphic designer which you can see he has done a fantastic job - and so I need help to get advertisers - this is my campaign and with my limited skills I am hoping to send this to over 500 potential advertisers as I have spent a large amount of time with my husband to finding potential customers.


I have limited skill on the phone and so does my husband so we are hoping that the email will do our job for us - please tell me the TRUTH ... what is bad - what you would keep and what you would remove and please let me know what you would ADD...


I appreciate your skill and kindness and time to help us... we are a husband and wife team only.


Warmest regards

Andrea Devos


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Re: Hi I desperately need advertisers please help



Looks like you forgot to add the link to the email. Please check out this post for assistance with putting your email on this board.




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Re: Hi I desperately need advertisers please help

i will advertise for completely free email me at

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Re: Hi I desperately need advertisers please help

Not sure this was the best place for you to post this since we're not actually reviewing your email. Did you try posting in the "Small Business Talk" section of the forum? I believe you would garner better advice if you were to post there.


What you're really seeking is advice on how to sell advertising and I'm sure a lot of the other peers can give you good advice on what they did to increase advertising revenue by selling ad space in their campaigns.