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How can I increase my open rate?

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How can I increase my open rate?

Hey, I could use some pointers on what I can do to increase my open rate. I have attached an example of my emails.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.29.26 AM.png
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Re: How can I increase my open rate?

Hi @ToddH37

Thanks for sharing this email! I love the colors you've used. What is the subject line you've been using? This will be the first thing people see so this could be contributing to the open rate.


Have you considered using more text and less image? I am assuming the middle of the email is one image, is this correct? If so, this could be causing the email to go into some contacts junk folders. A good test would be to even out the ratio of text and image. Also, are you using a mobile responsive template? This will make your emails look awesome on phones too!



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