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Improve my email


Improve my email

Hello, I send a weekly email to our customer list (15,000+) with a 22-25% open rate most weeks. 

This email sends every Tuesday. I have a format I generally use with a letter from me, and then event or activity information below. 


Is this open rate good or bad? I really have no way to tell. 


Here is our most recent email:


Thanks in advance-


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Re: Improve my email

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for posting in the Community. Your email looks great! There are a couple of suggestions I have for you.


First, the header is great--attention grabbing and clear. I think you would benefit from making it full the space so it feels more like a header and less like another article. Great job making it clickable too! I like the layout you have chosen and it feels like just enough information. I would remove the orange block at the bottom unless you are planning on putting content here. The "newsletter" feel would better end with your hours and information. I would also make sure all of your images are clickable. I see that some are and some are not. Even if you don't have an exact location for them to direct to, have them link to your site because you never know where in the email someone will be when they want to click on the image.


As for your open rate, it sounds like you are well above the average for similar industries. From your email I was placing you in a "Education" or "Crafts" industry. The average open rate for businesses in this industry are 20-24%. This may sound low but remember there are a number of reasons an open won't count in Constant Contact. Check out the full list of industry averages in this FAQ. 


Hope this helps! 



Hannah M.
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Re: Improve my email

First of all, your website is adorable and your business looks amazing! I wish I lived closer it looks like you guys have a ton of fun and make a lot of great stuff! 


I think the newsletter portion of the email was a little too long. I almost didn't scroll down and see all of the other great stuff. Maybe next time you could use a format with the writing and pictures side by side instead, or focus on just pictures and short descriptions.