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Is my newsletter too simple?

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Is my newsletter too simple?


I would like your feedback: Here is my newsletter.


I feel that is very simple, but I usually prefer simple rather than busy. We sell plants, and I is my opinion that if I include several beautiful images, and just little text, customers will open our emails and keep us in their minds. I send this email once per week or once every two weeks. My open rate is around 40%.


All feedback is welcome. 


Thank you!

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Re: Is my newsletter too simple?



If you are planning to create a repeating piece with a new plant every week I think its a fine start.

I suggest you consider incorporating a border of some sort to keep the readers eyes focused.  It can be a line or a shaded external wrapping.


They are great hi-resolution photos but remember most users will have graphics disabled  at least the first time they receive something from you. Use the ALT tags to identify the graphics as " beautiful high-res photos of the plant". I see you are using ALT tags but humanize them a bit more. They will read as text in the email.


If you aren't already using it  I suggest you consider using the optional CTCT archive feature and create a library of your work that may be referenced from your email as well as your website or even your store ( more to come). 


You could create a QR code that you can place next to each  plant your doing in your store that points to the URL of the plant page.  Place the archive in an iFrame on your site and add a call to action or other sale conversion opportunities on that page.  By doing this you're really getting the most out of your work and regenerating its use in other marketing areas.


Hope that helps a little.  Good luck.  :smileywink:

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Re: Is my newsletter too simple?

Angel - From a gardeners perspective it was just right. I love looking at new plants that are somewhat out of the norm and then determine how they would fit in my theme. Enough pix and text to keep my interest and eagerly await for the next email.


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Re: Is my newsletter too simple?

I thought it was just right.  It made me want to order some Desert Rose plants from you.  Great pictures!