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John of Peniel newsletter to review

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John of Peniel newsletter to review

I'd like feedback on this - click here for our latest edition.  Specifically I am looking for feedback on how to handle the fact that some sections at the bottom will be repeated in every edition, where the article, announcements, "to do" and events will change.  The repeats need to be there because of the many new subscribers we get each month, and although I don't want them to be lost on the page, I also don't want focus to be on them.   I also want to hear more (and will explore the community for answers) on how to improve the open ratio - currently not as good as we'd like.

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Re: John of Peniel newsletter to review

Hey John -

You have WAY too much text in your enewsletter. The goal of constant contact and their analytics is to use them to your advantage.  Give them a teaser of information and then send them to your blog or website to learn more (This is where they order)  That way your reader doesn't have to scroll down so much.


Create good headlines and compelling content. 


For example - the one below had a 51% open rate and 34% click rate


If you haven't done so, be sure to add the unlimited photo option - it is SO worth it!

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Re: John of Peniel newsletter to review

Great content, John.  But really too much to read and so much scrolling involved. My suggestion is to cut the topics and put a 'read more' to be directed to your blog or page. I would play around and try 2 columns. The repeats like the facebook and other stuff can be buttons instead of words. This will clean up your page a bit. Good luck!

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Re: John of Peniel newsletter to review

I agree with the comments above. In addition...

Consider a more compelling main headline. "John of Peniel Newsletter #23" is factual, but not interesting.


However, your opening text is clever and engaging. A better heading would be "Give Your Life a Spring Cleaning."


As well, put more specifics in your other headings and/or rewrite the TOC entries to add more interest. For example, your first heading could be "Are World Events Fulfilling Prophecies?"


Unlike some examples we've seen where the header image is waaay too large, yours is a bit small. It's a nice logo that sets a peaceful tone for your message. Make it a bit larger.


Glancing quickly through this, it wasn't clear to me that John is a person, not an institution. As such, maybe John's photo should be faded in to the header image somehow.


Audience interest decreases as length increases. (That's what my family says when I talk too much.) I wouldn't necessarily say you should cut everything out, but make sure the most important stuff is closer to the top. Can you move the upcoming events down to the end?


If you are the type of organization that has readers who dwell on your words, then a nice feature article probably makes sense. Just make sure it doesn't completely obscure all the other great stuff you're doing. A two-column layout (as already suggested by another commenter) would be a solution.


I hope this is helpful.


Jonathan Lehrer

Jonathan Lehrer Communications, Inc.