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Keys to Maximizing Your Sales Channel


Keys to Maximizing Your Sales Channel

Dear <customer's name>,


The number of vendors relying on sales channels for success are greater than ever before. Competition for sales channel mindshare is increasing and the nature of service, is changing, especially with the growth of Cloud offerings.


Each company's need to increase revenue without adding staff. This can impact the sales channel to vendor relationship. Successful companies today must grow and leverage their channels by providing easy to use sales tools as well as clear and unique marketing messages.


Effectively creating mindshare within a sales channel has a lot to do with how knowledgable your partner organizations are about your products.  Vendors should make it a priority to take the time for your partner organizations to see that your solution helps them achieve their goals. 


Some ways of achieving more mindshare include:

•Position your product through marketing and sales training, by showing unique value to the market

•Increase your sales force's motivation with incentives

•Understand partner organizations' goals and adapt your approach to show how your goals align

•Set clear performance metrics and track partner organizations


Channel partners are continually inundated with new products to sell. Using the suggestions above will maximize the possibility that your products will be promoted actively within the channel.



Facing the Challenges in Sales Channel Enablement 


Next Step has helped companies including Cisco Systems, Adobe, Sonic Wall, Seagate and Juniper Networks enable their sales channels since 1997. Through our team members' extensive experience working directly in the channel and our unique combination of sales, marketing and sales channel expertise, we are well positioned to understand and define the most relevant message, approach and sales tools to improve mind share and revenue from all types of channel partners in the sales channel.


Continue reading about Facing the challenges in sales channel enablement for relevant ideas and concepts that you can put into practice immediately. 


Next Step has worked with Intelisys to create a symposium that allows business leaders to discuss the changes that are occurring because of the Cloud.  Read these articles to find out more about transforming because of the cloud and recruiting VARS for the Cloud.


Read about Next Step's most recent sales channel enablement success story: Adobe CS6 Launch.



Partnering with Next Step


Contact Next Step and discuss your involvement with sales channel enablement, and we will share with you our view of trends and best practices for sales channel enablement. Give me a call at 650.361.1902 or reply to this email.



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Re: Keys to Maximizing Your Sales Channel




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