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Landscaping News - Pizza Ovens, Snails, Man Plants for Father's Day



Here's a snapshot of our newsletter.  The snapshot here is missing my table of contents because of some change Constant Contact made to it.  The easier to read version (with the green background showing) is here:


Our goal is mainly to get folks to click on our website and sign up for our newsletter so we get a better page ranking.  They don't need to be in our service area, or even within California. Choice of content may be prime, reading level maybe, grabby pictures, avoiding errors (eek!), intro too long, promotion problems.  I struggle with how to ask them to share, and I wonder if there is a way to put the Facebook icon in there.


Would love any comments or suggestions!




p.s. Thanks go to Constant Contact for designing the template to match my website.

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In This Issue
Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens...That's Amore!
Seven Popular Landscape Lighting Techniques
8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Snails and Slugs
Low Water Plant: Allen Chickering Sage
"Man Plants" -- Plant Gifts for Father's Day
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Dear DeeAnn,

Welcome all of our new subscribers!  It's June in California...the perfect time to start a landscape project -- big, medium or small -- perhaps building the back yard pizza oven that your friends and growing family will love, installing landscape lighting to accent pathways and brighten "outdoor rooms," or planting a new patch of lavender-like Allen Chickering Sage...for months of natural hummingbird-watching pleasure and beautifully fragrant breezes.

Father's Day is coming up -- June 19 to be exact.  What better way to say "Thank You Dad" than to give him a gift that keeps on giving?  That's why we've come up with a 5 affordable Father's Day gift ideas we think fathers of all ages will love. 

Do slugs and snails mock your efforts to grow sweet-tasting fruits and vegetables?  Here, we give you the  8 best ways to fight snails -- some you can do even while sleeping -- along with advice for keeping pets and children safe.
Planning a trip to this year's San Diego County Fair?  Look for our own Alan Parkman, whose talk / demonstration will show you how to "Remove Lawn the Non-Toxic Way."  Hear what he has to say at 11:30 a.m., on Tuesday, June 19 on the Flower Garden Stage next to O'Brien Hall, and find out how you can save money and protect our environment from toxic chemicals at the same time.  Also get a sneak preview of this year's competition gardens by visiting our Facebook page after June 5, when DeeAnn and Alan will be judges at the competition.

Thinking of building a raised veggie bed?  Give us a call for custom built options, or check out our coupon at the end of this newsletter for this month's promotion on pre-fab raised wood planter options. They're gopher proof!

We hope you'll love our garden and landscape news enough to share. Don't forget to forward this to your garden-loving friends and "Like" our page on Facebook to share even more garden photos, news and hints.

Happy Gardening and Happy Father's Day!

DeeAnn Schuttish, Owner/Designer
Green Life Studios


Wood Fired Pizza Ovens...That's Amore!

pizza ovenIt seems Californians love their pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens as much as pizza's original creators --  chefs from Naples -- do!  Becoming a fixture in many California backyards,  trimmings on a pizza oven can be as variable as those on a pizza itself.  With the inner workings of these ovens standardized and optimized, both do-it-yourself homeowners and contractors can build a backyard pizza oven that keeps the family coming home for supper.  Recent clients wanted to know ...   Read more


Seven Popular Landscape Lighting Techniques

Path lightingLandscape lighting literally shines the light on your landscape design, extending the day, and allowing outdoor play, entertaining and dining at night.  Here are 7 popular landscape lighting techniques guaranteed to light your night! 

1. Path Lighting

Also called "spread lighting", path lighting illuminates pathways and steps using low-level fixtures that prevent glare.  Approximately 1 foot high with caps resting on posts, path lights anchor corners and transitions for way-finding and ... Read more 



8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Snails and Slugs in Your Garden
Brown Snail  

Do you have legions of snails marching into your garden?


Snails prey on garden plants mostly at night, especially during cloudy or foggy weather.  Consuming leaves mainly, but sometimes new bark, fruit and flowers as well, snails and slugs are an unwelcome nuisance and "nerve-crunching surprise."  Read more...  


Low Water Plant - Allen Chickering Sage

Salvia Allen ChickeringThis lovely native California sage puts on a long-blooming show in the low water garden, with an array of large lavender blue flowers late spring through summer and attracting hummingbirds and butterflies all the while.  Growing to about 5' x 5', it can hold slopes prone to erosion.  Prune once a year, in late August, to preserve its loveliness.  See more plant photos

"Man Plants" -- Plant Gifts for Father's Day -- Sunday, June 19

Not sure what to give the Man of the House this Father's Day?  If Dad likes to cook, or at least barbecue, maybe our plant gift list can help!   


1.  'Barbecue' Rosemary The long stems of any upright growing rosemary is perfect for use as a meat basting wand.  For crushing and mincing as a base for a sauce, meat marinade or "rub", any type of rosemary -even a trailing one- will do.  Just tell Dad to hold the cut stem from the top and slide his thumb and forefinger down the stalk.  Voila, the leaves will fall off.  Start with a 5-gallon pot and Dad will have enough to rosemary to use right away.  Find one actually named Rosemary 'Barbecue' (a very upright rosemary) at most local nurseries for about $10, or this supremely decorative one online at Etsy for ... 


Save 25%
Raised Planter Beds made from Reclaimed Redwood! 
Choose from three sizes:  2'x4', 3'x6' or 4'x8' and 12" or 18" high. 
Regularly priced at: $185 - $365.  With savings: $140 - $275.  Delivery, assembly and organic soil mix -- Complete installation ready for your edible plants or flowers!  City of San Diego and North County residents only.  Call 760-521-8086 for details.  May not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Offer Expires: June 30, 2012
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Re: Landscaping News - Pizza Ovens, Snails, Man Plants for Father's Day

Hi DeeAnn,


Thanks for sharing your newsletter with us here in the Community!  I would definitely add your Facebook icon to your emails. Here are the instructions on how to add that.  Also, another thing you might want to do to make your email appear shorter is to take the blocks that are on the right that have just the green border on the left, and drag them down so that they take up the full width of the template.  This will stretch them out and you won't have that extra green border down the side.


Great email! Thanks for sharing again!

Marissa Rogers
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